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5 Causes of Borborygmi

5 Causes of Borborygmi

  • May 30, 2022

What is Borborygmi?

Borborygmi can be thought of as stomach growls, stomach gurgles, loud indigestion sounds, or simply put – sounds coming from the stomach.

Borborygmi is the sound of undigested carbohydrates in the digestive tract or intestines. When the digestive system breaks down these carbohydrates, a lot of gas and air is created, causing a lot of noise, discomfort, and embarrassment. Some people create more wind and noise than others, but the cause is always the same.

It is very unlikely that you would experience this condition if you were eating a high-protein, high-fat, low-sugar, and low-carb diet. Recent studies have also shown that fructose is a major contributor to this condition, which is found in many sugar-rich fruits and table (refined) sugar.

Some stomach rumblings (borborygmi) are natural and happen to everyone, but some people experience severe cases that can be embarrassing, painful, frustrating, and difficult to prevent. To prevent this condition, we need to know what is causing it. This article will focus on the main causes of Borborygmi, why it happens and hopefully this article will help people avoid these “triggers” which will help their condition.

Top 5 Causes of Borborygmi

  1. Fibrous grains: Foods such as cereals, oats, wheat and rye mainly contribute to borborygmi. Foods like bread, porridge, and cereal are very common causes of loud stomach sounds. These are not “natural” foods (compared to meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) and as such are harder for the body to break down and therefore create a lot of wind and noise
  2. fructose / sugar: Fructose plays a big role in Borborygmi, as does sugar. Many fruits contain fructose. Removing high-sugar fruits from your diet can greatly reduce this condition. The best fruits to remove are apples, oranges, grapes, and any canned fruit. Although associated with a healthy diet, natural or concentrated fruit juices should also be eliminated.
  3. beans: Beans and legumes have been shown to cause borborygmil. Beans in particular are great gas causing foods. Eliminate these from your diet and see if your stomach sounds improve.
  4. Unbalanced diet: This is an important factor in Borborygmi. What is your current diet like? You may think it’s perfectly fine and balanced, but try keeping a food journal and I think you’ll be shocked. Try to only eat protein and vegetables at mealtimes and not mix your fats and carbs. Do you eat processed foods or bread? Do you eat junk food more often than you should?
  5. milk: Dairy products are also a big cause of this condition. This doesn’t apply to everyone (it didn’t apply to me personally, but I know a lot of people who did), but it is worth cutting down on milk consumption in particular. how much coffee do you drink Can you reduce your milk consumption in this way?


In summary: try to eat as naturally as possible, make sure you know what is going into your body. Take a look at my article title Common causes of Borbroygmi for a more thorough description of this item. When you reduce these 5 key factors from your diet, you can start to see the benefits.

Thanks to Alan Kings

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