Adios Vericose Veins – Adios Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Adios Vericose Veins – Adios Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You most likely remember one of your very early biology classes, during your early teens, or at least you saw it in a nature film showing a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. At a certain stage, the caterpillar weaves a cocoon around itself, thus turning into a pupa. It eventually breaks through the hardened chrysalis, which has completely changed shape and has already sprouted wings. Now you have a butterfly. It’s a process called metamorphosis, remember that?

Welcome to the world of the silkworm, which goes through the same phases of change as the butterfly. However, there is a specific enzyme called serrapeptase that helps break down the cocoon so the newly transformed moth can emerge. Serrapeptase works by dissolving non-living tissue, and it is this ability that prompted clinical researchers to study its effects on certain health problems of the human body, such as wart and spider veins.

In Japan and Europe, numerous clinical studies have shown that serrapeptase induces anti-inflammatory activity, anti-edema activity (which is the reduction of fluid retention), and fibrinolytic activity (which is the dissolution of protein accumulations). As a result of this natural wonder, doctors and patients in India, Japan and many countries in Europe are taking Serrapeptase to reduce inflammation.

It was no surprise at all that given these excellent results, clinical researchers began in earnest to test serrapeptase’s ability to alleviate other health conditions such as inflammation, fluid retention and fibrous tissue build-up.

At first glance, varicose veins and carpal tunnel syndrome may seem disjointed and far apart. Whatever the case, both conditions were greatly reduced with the use of Serrapeptase.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are primarily caused by, yes, you guessed it, inflammation. At the prestigious SMS Medical College in Jaipur, India, clinical researchers tested serrapeptase on twenty patients with carpal tunnel syndrome pain. After thoroughly assessing each patient’s condition, they administered serrapeptase 10 mg twice a day to each patient for six weeks, after which each patient returned for reassessment.

65% of the patients showed a remarkable improvement and nobody reported any negative side effects. You can see that carpal tunnel syndrome surgery was easily avoided, and goodbye to carpal tunnel.

cause varicose veins

It is fluid buildup around the veins in the legs that cause varicose veins. In Federico, Italy, clinical researchers tested serrapeptase vein treatment on twenty patients with painful varicose veins. The patients took two Serrapeptase tablets three times a day to treat varicose veins, for a total daily dose of 30 mg daily for two weeks. Amazingly, and just like the earlier tests in India (for carpal tunnel), the Serrapeptase supplement achieved remarkable varicose vein removal in 65% of the patients.

In just two weeks, serrapeptase from the silkworm has proven itself as a natural method for removing veins, i.e. eliminating varicose veins.

Pain was reduced in 63% of patients, fluid retention was reduced in 56%, abnormal skin redness was reduced in 58%, and night cramps were reduced in 52%. In this study on the treatment of varicose veins, only one patient reported diarrhea, which stopped immediately after reducing the daily dose. Otherwise there were no negative side effects.

By the way, spider veins are a mild and minor variant of vericosis, and Serrapeptase is just as good at removing spider veins at home, so to speak.

Note that serrapeptase is also a blood thinner. As such, it can interfere with anticoagulant therapy and other medications. Therefore, to avoid possible complications, if you are already taking any medication, you must consult a health care professional before taking Serrapeptase.

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