After Opioid Addiction Recovery

After Opioid Addiction Recovery

Diet is a necessary part of any safe opioid treatment program. It is also extremely important to prevent relapse. A better diet keeps you energized (quote: 1,2). Eating better will help you stay in a positive mood. So you ask; What should I eat? Well the best thing you could do is go to Google and search for; “Superfood”. Then fill your fridge ONLY with Super Foods.

That way, whenever you’re hungry and head to the fridge, there’s nothing in there but Super Foods! What are you going to do with all the new energy you have? will you make more money Will you take up a new hobby? will you train more Do you set out and promise yourself to live life to the fullest? Please answer; Yes!

Do something great. Take up a new hobby

Find something challenging, exciting, interesting and worthwhile. Discover your possibilities. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Try something new. By focusing your efforts on something worthwhile, you will re-channel your energy and give your life a new purpose, a new beginning. Ever run a marathon? You probably can. After all, if you can detox from opioids, is there anything you can’t do? Yes, it takes work, training, perseverance and willpower. All the attributes you have already proven. Do you see this point?

You could learn to play a musical instrument, become an artist, customize a classic car, learn to fly, get a college degree, or become an expert in anything you feel worthy of. It’s all you, it’s your choice, it’s your life. you have your life back Now make the most of it. Do something great. Do something spectacular. Volunteer at a nonprofit organization or maybe help someone else get through what you just did? Can you think of a more worthy cause?

I want you to reach your full potential. Get help so you can get your life in sync and beat this thing once and for all. A successful future awaits you. Take it. By following these steps, you can live a long life free from the horrible and evil extremes of addiction. You will save your health and your life.


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