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Are You Hurting, Having a Hard Time Walking, No Energy or Just Plain Can’t Poop?

Are You Hurting, Having a Hard Time Walking, No Energy or Just Plain Can’t Poop?

  • May 17, 2022

Are you struggling in middle age? Or older? Are you trying to “eat well” and can’t find the sweet spot for your perfect weight and good digestion?

i am here to help Especially if you have a family illness. Why? Because I have one that I have been running successfully for many years.

Can you imagine wanting to sleep 18 hours a day? Missing the fun and can’t do what you want?

It’s important to show you how to eat because that solves all the problems you have like poor sleep at night, bad digestion and always being hungry and not figuring out how the vegans do it and look so good?

Some of us can’t be vegan, so finding your best proteins will help you digest better and feel fit at any age.

Don’t wait to get this valuable information. Looking good and feeling good is the goal. Not looking good and not feeling good have answers.

My 80 year old friend lost 90 pounds in 5 months and found she only needed 2 meals a day. Don’t you want to be hungry?

The Zone Diet is also part of my coaching. Whether you are low carb, low fat or in the middle of a balanced diet or Mediterranean diet. There is a test that will tell you.

What nutrients do you need to focus on and what nutrients or even caffeine can cause nonfatal heart attacks if you supplement them?

What kind of exercise do you need?

how will i be satisfied I know I’ve always been hungry. I’ve developed several recipes for you to try to see which ones work better for you.

This is going to be too much work. No, not really, if you don’t mind eating just one protein and one veg.

Support your body with the nutrients it needs to keep your metabolic pathways running efficiently. Don’t wait until you feel good.

There is another test that will tell you your exact foods. A great help if you want to accelerate your journey to wellness. Of course, I will help you decide what foods you can eat.

Two tests so far. Three if you need to know your blood type.

So did you know that you can be satisfied with a palm-sized serving of protein? Aim for 4-5 hours a day and intermittent fasting overnight. Try it for 15 hours. This will help your body recover and you may find that you sleep better.

Get started now. And you will feel fit at any age.

Thanks to Kristi S Tornabene

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