Dr Frederick Oduro Writes on Covid-19 in Ghana

Dr Frederick Oduro Writes on Covid-19 in Ghana

Research from Vo in Northern Italy shows…
1. The real problem in this pandemic are the asymptomatic people who are positive. If your health system is depending on symptoms before testing then you won’t find them. They are however the ones infecting everyone.

2. Mass testing of all 3300 people in Vo has shown positive results. There have been no new cases in days. This is somewhat like the Korean strategy which the WHO is now preaching.

3. The disease is going in stages
Stage 1: Imported Cases
Stage 2: Local Transmission (Direct contact with stage 1)
Stage 3: Community transmission
Stage 4: Epidemic
You will really need your health workforce at stage 4. If they get exposed running routine non urgent OPD at Stage 3. They will also be sick and home by Stage 4 when you need them.

4. If you can’t do mass testing, then you have to lockdown the town’s with the most cases. The asymptomatic cases spreading disease can bring the system on it’s knees.

5. Enforcement of social distancing if hospitals are still going to run OPDs is non negotiable… people will have to be 2 meters apart. People don’t become immune because they are in the clinic. Whatever you do… avoid crowding with people sitting side by side…

6. Make it law in the upcoming days…for Trotros to take not more than 5 people per row… otherwise ground them…
Markets should not have multiple entry points. These should be manned. You can go and get a time slip as to when you can enter. Not more than a specific number at a time to ensure social distancing.

7. This is not the time for Ward in charges to be hoarding tissue for hand hygiene. It should be available. Water should not run out. The moment a hospital cannot do proper hand hygiene, it should not admit patients.

Let’s apply wisdom. The God of heaven has been good to us. He has given us the examples of the disaster in Lombardy and the success story of Vo…all in Italy. Men of God…pray as if everything depended on it…and apply the wisdom God gave you as if He did not exist.


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