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Find credible health information |  Healthy UNH

Find credible health information | Healthy UNH

  • October 3, 2021

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It denies that there are many things to learn on social media and the internet. Think about all of the health product ads and sponsorships you see on a daily basis. Every now and then, however, you will find an ad for something that may actually be helpful with your overall health and wellbeing (like a new pair of running shoes or a stress management book). But there are also many things that can harm your health and your wallet.

With all of the mixed up information bombarding us all the time, it’s important that we take matters into our own hands by making sure we get our health information from credible sources. So today I’m going to share some tips and tricks for finding credible health information:

  • Be wise when doing internet research: Remember how easy it is to check for random health ailments online. Access millions of websites and articles at the touch of a button. Make sure you get information from websites that don’t really have anything to gain from reading their articles. These can come from government websites or websites for nonprofit medical centers. Some would be for example the CDC, Harvard or Kaiser Health News.

  • Think locally: Your family doctor is not only there for your annual check-up. They are also a great resource for lots of information. If you have questions about something that may not be their area of ​​expertise, they can refer you to other providers or even local resources and programs.

  • Use campus resources: If you live on campus and not very close to where you live, then you should check out all of the on-campus health resources such as Health & Wellness and PACS. Both services offer many free resources and programs that can educate you on all kinds of health topics.

In the 21st century, there are all kinds of ways to get health information in seconds. Therefore, it is incredibly important to be skeptical. Whenever you need health information, keep this blog in mind and use it as a starting point. Then get out there and be a wise consumer.

How to Access Health Information on the Internet from Healthy UNH

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