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GhanaWeb, PeaceFMOnline and MyJoyOnline Are Ghana News Hubs

GhanaWeb, PeaceFMOnline and MyJoyOnline Are Ghana News Hubs

  • October 4, 2018

GhanaWeb is a vertical portal that publishes everything about Ghana. In addition to news from Ghana, we provide basic information, opinions, the ability to listen to more than 200 radio stations in Ghana, classifications, a social network for Ghanaians and more.

The portal was launched in 1999 by a private company and is subject to the laws of the Netherlands. Thanks to this legal configuration, we publish news from Ghana completely independently and neutrally. In addition, we have set up a platform where Ghanaians can freely express themselves in opinion articles and comments on information without being censored.

GhanaWeb, however, is a medium created by and for Ghanaians.

The news on the portal is updated by an editorial team that writes articles or aggregates from a variety of media in Ghana. The wide range of print and online media ensures balanced reporting in Ghana.

Our website is constantly being improved and expanded by web developers and designers in Ghana. Functionally, the portal is designed to meet the needs of the 3 million visitors who sponsor each month. Technically, the portal is designed so that it can be safely and reliably loaded even in remote areas of Africa.

Our visitors are mainly Ghanaians.

GhanaWeb has always been very popular with the millions of Ghanaian migrants living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and many other countries. This part of our audience is very loyal. In fact, many visitors to the first year still visit us.

GhanaWeb has become extremely popular in Ghana over the past decade. Since 2008 we are the most popular website in Ghana with local content (source: Alexa). People arrive here searching for ghanaweb sports,ghanaweb news today,ghanaweb news newspaper,ghanaweb news now,ghanaweb entertainment,ghanaweb latest news today,ghanaweb music,ghanaweb radio.

The Next One is PeaceFMOnline.

More than a traditional broadcaster, PeaceFMOnline is becoming a content company that hosts the most popular programs in Ghana and is a multimedia leader with a strong presence in the country.

The station offers services for all Ghanaians on platforms ranging from information to online radio and audio-on-demand. People arrive on this site searching for peacefmonline pictures,peacefmonline sports,peacefmonline videos,peacefmonline female seeking male,peace fm online entertainment,ghana news today latest,myjoyonline

MyJoyOnline is another Giant in the Ghana Online Space., the online news portal, is the Ghanaian leader in providing news and information. It provides its viewers with a single point of contact to provide all people of black African descent with access to relevant information.

Presented by Multimedia Group Ltd. (MGL) Digital Media offers readers a comprehensive source of online information on the latest news from politics, business, entertainment and other issues related to the African continent. introduces the latest multimedia technologies, from live audio to audio packages and tools for distributing RSS content. also offers audio-on-demand programs that are available in audio files.

The content of the news portal is organized by topic to facilitate navigation. You can also use our user-friendly search engine to search for specific items on the website or on the Internet.

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