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Govt Hospitals Granted Power To Do Individual Recruitment

Govt Hospitals Granted Power To Do Individual Recruitment

  • August 20, 2018

Govt Hospitals Granted Power To Do Individual Recruitment: The Director General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) Dr Nsiah Asare has stated that government has agreed not to directly post health workers to health facilities in the country.

According to him, the various regional and district hospitals, based on GHS’ staffing norms, will be given recruitment quotas to “advertise and manage their recruitment process.”
Dr Asare who was speaking at the graduation ceremony of some 56 newly trained doctors at the University Of Cape Coast (UCC) stressed that “health workers who have been granted financial clearance and wish to work with Ghana Health Service (GHS) will not be posted anymore.”
“Every health professional will compete for the job in the district that needs them and this is starting this year. So I want to repeat Ghana Health Service will no longer post health workers from the headquarters.
“I’ll not sit in my office and send people to the regions where they don’t know,” affirmed Dr Asare.

The move, he stated, will help address the uneven distribution of health workers notably nurses and doctors to health facilities across the country.
Citing a GHS report, he said it was unacceptable to have 42% of all “our doctors in the country based in Accra and the rest of the 58% are shared among the other nine regions”
“Continuing to just talk about the situation without resolving it with all seriousness that it deserves will only undermine all the achievements we have made so far,” he bemoaned.
In that regard, the GHS, he said, embarked on a number of interventions including decentralization of recruitment of health personnel on a quota basis to effectively address the situation to facilitate an inclusive health services delivery towards universal health coverage by the year 2020.
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