Health and Wellness With A Disability

Health and Wellness With A Disability

Some people are disabled from birth or shortly thereafter, so they only know life in one way. However, some people are disabled by an accident or other factors and are suddenly faced with a new “normal”. Perhaps they lost a limb, became paraplegic, or suffered a cerebral infarction that left them in a wheelchair. Whatever the cause, when someone suddenly finds themselves in a new normal, they may be wondering how to move forward with this new life. How will they maintain their health and well-being?

People, regardless of their physical condition, are people and their goals are the same – to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. While staying fit from a wheelchair can be a bit of a challenge, it is possible. If you can no longer walk around the block, you can do exercises to strengthen your torso and arms, for example. Any exercise is good exercise and any move you can make is better than nothing. Take it slow, take your time, and build on your goals.

Mentally, it’s hard to suddenly adjust to a new normal. Experts suggest keeping your mind active, solving puzzles or taking up a new hobby, getting involved in clubs, teams and community organizations, volunteering, hanging out with your friends. A disability does not mean that you stop being yourself, you are still yourself inside, no matter what differences have occurred on the outside.

Emotional well-being is also vital for everyone. Perhaps you can get a pet, join a club, try a new place of worship, share your feelings with a friend or in a group, keep things positive, and let the energy flow. Whatever you were doing before you became disabled, you might still be able to do it, albeit with a few adjustments.

In short, the trick to staying healthy with a disability is the same as without it. Everyone needs to stay active, eat a healthy diet, stop smoking, get regular check-ups with their doctor, drink alcohol in moderation, take medications wisely and as directed, seek substance abuse help as soon as possible, and keep in touch with friends and family remain members. Keeping your body, mind and spirit healthy is the same no matter your situation, it’s your life so live it the best you can!

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