How the Sankom Swiss Diet Program Works

How the Sankom Swiss Diet Program Works

The Sankom Swiss Diet Program is a natural weight loss system based on health-promoting fiber. Developed over many years by a team of doctors and scientists. It was awarded gold for best diet product at Expo 2010, the world’s largest trade fair for natural and organic products. It comes with a high independent recommendation, but how does it work?

Basically, the Sankom Swiss Diet Program uses a fiber chew that you consume four times a day before meals in combination with a glass of water. Each chew is only 15 calories, but they expand in the stomach and suppress hunger pangs, and therefore you will eat less when you eat your meal. Less food means fewer calories. Chances are, if you’re overweight, you’re consuming too many calories. For example, if you overeat 500 calories a day, that’s 3500 calories a week. Your average meal is about 500 calories, if you eat half of it because you feel full you save about 250 calories, which is 1000 calories over four meals. So now you cut 7000 calories from your food intake.

The big problem with many diets is that you actually feel hungry and at the mercy of the first candy bar or packet of chips that comes your way. The big advantage of this is that even though you eat less, you don’t feel hungry.

Ultimately, the success of any diet plan largely depends on the individual’s ability to sustain it when initial enthusiasm inevitably wanes. The Sankom Swiss Diet Program requires very little effort; Chew and water, that’s it!

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