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How the Weather Can Cause Allergies

How the Weather Can Cause Allergies

  • June 28, 2019

You may not know this but the weather can produce allergies too. The weather can cause allergies if it is usually humid outside and it can also affect an individual’s immune system. The immune system may become sensitive and weak because of the allergies in the environment. During rainy days, your home will probably acquire mold, pollen and dust mites which can add to the weakening of your immune system.

Pollen and mold are usually the allergens that have the greatest potential of affecting the immune system. As a result, these kinds of allergens cause major allergies in people.

Pollens ordinarily come from ordinary elements like trees, weeds, and grass. At spring time, people usually get their allergies from pollen. However, if you acquire an allergy during the summer, then it is probably because of the grasses that growing. During summer, the most common source of allergies is the ragweed.

Molds usually survive in moist and dark areas. Outdoor environments that contain moisture will be sure places where molds will live and thrive. Such places will be around hay, leafs, rotten logs, mulch and trees. At home, you can mostly find them in showers, around kitchen sinks, in window frames and on shower curtains and in the basement just to name a few.

Allergies that are usually caused by pollen may somehow be relieved with the help of a shower or bath before bedtime. Being clean helps you in reducing the amount of skin cells you lose through shredding. Bathing at night could also help you to breathe easier.

When it is usually windy and dry outdoors, you have to prevent yourself from going outside. During such days pollens are all over the place. This is the best time to make good use of the air conditioner inside of your home and car. Always keep the windows of your home and car closed when the air conditioner is on, to prevent the pollen from coming in. This will help you to avoid a possible allergy attack.

Molds just like pollen is all over the place. They can survive inside the home and can even survive outside the home. However, there are still some things that you can do to relieve yourself from the allergy. Avoid having houseplants inside your home or placing them outside your home. If you already have some at your home, get rid of them at once, this can do a great deal to prevent you from any kind of allergies. Plants give off oxygen that could spread pollen around faster causing allergies.

After every shower, you have to keep your tub dry by wiping it with a dry cloth or towel. You also have to do the same on your shower curtain so as not to make molds multiply. Alternatively, you could always spray the inside of your shower and curtain with a cleaner that helps to slow the growth of mold.

If you think that these are too much or find it difficult to do regularly, you can just change your shower curtain every three to six months. The walls of your bathroom should be wiped out using a mixture of bleach and water. Bleach can kill the molds so use them in cleaning your bathroom and your basement.

If you are thinking of redoing your bathroom, avoid the idea of placing carpet in your bathroom. Mold loves the carpet and will usually attach to it. Plus any carpet in your bathroom will be an ideal place for molds to thrive and it will most likely stay damp longer than you would like.

Paints can do a great thing to your walls. Be sure to use paints that stay dry and prevent walls from producing moisture. Molds usually feed on the moisture that walls give off.

Once you experience an allergy attack, taking antihistamines can provide you relief. Antihistamines can help you a lot even though they may have some side effects that are usually just mild ones. Such side effects include dryness of the mouth and tiredness. Some decongestants that come in the form of pills and in nasal spray can also provide relief.

Avoid getting over-the-counter medicines as it is much better to seek medical help from your doctor. Over-the-counter medicines sometimes produce harmful side effects. The doctor may prescribe you some nasal spray that can eliminate the tissue inflammation inside the nose so that you can breathe more easily. Always remember to go and talk to your doctor whenever you feel that there is something wrong in your body.

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