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How To Control Your Tongue To Eat The Good Fruits Of The Mouth

How To Control Your Tongue To Eat The Good Fruits Of The Mouth

  • May 29, 2022

Are you satisfied with the fruits of your mouth? Verily you will have what you say. However, you can control your mouth and decide what kind of fruit it will produce. So you must learn how to control your tongue to eat the good fruit of the mouth.

A man will be filled with good by the fruit of his mouth, and the reward of a man’s hands will be his—Proverbs 12:14 (NKJV).

For “Whoever would love life and see good days, let him restrain his tongue from evil, and his lips from speaking deceit—1 Peter 3:10 (NKJV).


It is God’s desire to give you the good things in life, but you receive them by the words of your mouth. This is because you will have what you say. However, many do not eat the good fruit of the mouth, but the bad fruit. Therefore, it is important that you hold back your words and only say what will bring you good fruit.

How to control your tongue

1. Protect your tongue

Since your mouth determines your present and future, you must watch over it. This is to ensure that it only gives you what you want. Also, protecting your mouth and tongue will keep you out of trouble

2. Make a decision not to abuse your tongue

You must take responsibility for what you say. So you make the decision not to misuse your mouth. Certainly, negative use of your tongue will backfire. And whatever you set out to do, you are empowered to achieve it. So intend not to say the wrong things.

3. Make a decision to use your mouth well

Saying the wrong things is very easy, but not the right things. Therefore, you must consciously choose what you say and say. And you will never go wrong when you speak the words of God.

4. Only speak a few words

You are safe if you say few words, because in the multitude of words is sin. So be a person of few words. As such, people will see you as a wise person and people will not find fault with you. Because your words will be concise and straight to the point

5. Learn to be silent

There are times when silence is the best and wisest thing. So you don’t always have to say a word to reply to someone; Silence is also an answer. As such, people regard a person who closes their lips as a man with understanding

6. Ask for God’s help

Verily, it is not your might or might that you will control your tongue. For if the Lord does not watch your mouth, you will watch in vain. So ask for God’s help to keep watch over your mouth and keep the door from your lips. And as He watches your mouth, you will be assured that no wrong word will come out of your mouth

7. Protect your ways

It’s important to pay attention to your method, style, or approach. This is because the way you live affects your words too. For example, if you normally associate with the wrong people, you will most likely say the wrong things. So guard your ways lest you sin with your tongue.


You can certainly enjoy good fruits of the mouth. But you must control your tongue to say the things that will only bring you those good fruits. Therefore, follow the instructions given above today. And learn how to control your tongue to eat the good fruit of the mouth.

Thanks to Ngozi Nwoke

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