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How to Fix Bad Sex With Your Partner

How to Fix Bad Sex With Your Partner

  • October 14, 2021

Variables of an emotional or psychological nature are the most common cause of sexual problems. From poor sex education to unrealistic expectations, complexes and insecurities. Here we are going to review the most common sexual problems and help you solve them from the hand of experts.

Many people experience bad sex at some point in their life that is a by-product of other illnesses or injuries. But problems of emotional or psychological origin are the most common cause of sexual problems, from …

  • Bad sexual education
  • Wrong beliefs about sexuality
  • Expectations that do not correspond to reality
  • Complexes
  • Uncertainties

Here are 6 ways you can fix bad sex with your partner.

Sexual desire disorder


Some biological causes can interfere with sexual desire and lead to a decrease in libido, such as: B. the treatment of some diseases; or age-related hormonal disorders can occur.

But there can be other non-biological causes that can alter sexual desire. Although sexuality is one of the most important dimensions of humans, it is also one of the first areas that the body “forgets” when it has other important things to do.

Solution: lots of communication


After a certain age, hormonal fluctuations can be the cause of a decrease in sexual desire. In addition, a specialist can help us solve the problem and will even appreciate the introduction of hormone replacement therapy.

The most common, however, is that there are no biological causes involved and it is just a seasonal low libido. In this case, it is recommended to identify the situation that is causing the emotional suffering (the death of a loved one, a work problem).

Communicating with the couple, devoting time and not letting yourself (or your partner) be rushed are keys to wanting to flow again.

Solution: Find out what turns you on


Communication with the lover, relaxation, and self-awareness are keys to solving this problem. Learning to recognize what we like is key to sharing it with the couple later. For this, self-exploration through masturbation is more than recommended.

On the other hand, the importance that heterosexual couples normally attach to intercourse often neglects women’s sexual needs and preferences. Extending the time of foreplay and participating in erotic games and variety can help improve lubrication and increase arousal.

Insufficient lubrication


First we need to determine if this is really a problem. Myths and false expectations can cause a lot of confusion and suffering, or even think we have a problem if we don’t. Everyone smears in different ways and we shouldn’t generalize: “There are women who smear a lot and others who smear less; We are not allowed to make any claims to ourselves.

Lubrication refers to a sexual arousal of the woman. If a decrease in vaginal lubrication is noted and there are no biological causes, the cause may be “poor sex by the partner or even the person himself.”

Erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction or difficulties in producing and maintaining an erection can be divided into two types, according to sexologist Carlos Horrillo: Primary erectile dysfunction is genetic or biological in nature. Some diseases, like diabetes, can occasionally cause episodes of erectile dysfunction.

The secondary erectile dysfunction in turn has psychological causes: fear, problems with trust in the partner, insecurities, fears.

Solution: Remember that the clitoris is the center of pleasure


It must be remembered that the clitoris is the center of sexual pleasure and its direct stimulation, accompanied by others Sensory stimuli and erogenous zones, is usually the safest recipe for achieving orgasm.

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