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Introduction to Allergies

Introduction to Allergies

  • June 7, 2019

Everyone has heard of them and studies show up to 20% of Americans has some type of allergy. The most common reactions are with the skin or air, animals, food or similar. You probably have heard for them before and talk with other people about them, what are they, how you get them and how to treat them.
Allergies are also called and Type I Hypersentivity. They are malfunction of the human immune system and they are causing the state of the body, known as hypersensitized. Body reacts immunologically to non-immunogenic substances, which are also cause of the body state which is known as allergens. The first term come in the 1906, from Clemens von Pirguet, Viennese pediatrician.

Symptoms and First Signs of Allergies

The presence of the allergens may cause systemic or local inflammatory response. Usually, when you feel swelling in the parts of your body, you know that it’s starting up with allergies. This first symptom is also known as systemic inflammatory response or also, local inflammatory response. For example, if you are allergic on the animal hear you will have allergies in the nose, which will include swelling of the nasal mucosa. This is also known as allergic rhinitis. Because of itch in your nose you will very often wipe your nose, more than it is necessary.

When your eyes are irritated as reaction of the allergies, symptoms such as itching of conjunctiva and redness are the most often. There are and other signs of allergies such as bronchoconstriction or even sometimes and outright attacts of asthma, dyspnoea and other. It is also important to mention that allergies may also cause and bronchoconstriction, edema, coma, hypotension, cutaenouse or in the worst cases death.

One of the most usual allergies that caused with the airborne pollen is allergies on the pollen with the symptoms of hay fever. This type of allergies usually is starting up in the early spring or also in the early autumn. At last, depending of factors, allergies may also be caused by medications.

Reasons Why People Are Getting Allergies

The most important for healthy of all people is immune system. Immune system is actually, your bio-weapon which protects your body from all diseases that are attacking your body. This mechanism may identify foreign invaders and in same time also destroy them. Still, sometimes it could happen that this mechanism, immune system, makes some mistakes which cause allergies. These allergies are results of hypersensitive immune system.

The main problem is that hypersensitive immune system, makes mistakes, so it identifies innocuous substances as bad and dangerous for the body and as results of that, immune system starts with attack to the substances with high level of ferocity. Finally result of all this is problems that may be ranged from mildly inconvenient to the uncomfortable feeling. At last the worst result it total failure of the organs in your body.

Hypersensitized State And How Does Your Immune System Comes Into It
There are more doctrines about how immune system goes into a hypersensitized state. The most logical explanation is that allergies are connected with genetic codes and that they always caused by protein. So, white blood cells usually are not able to make differences between proteins which are threatening and those which are non-threatening.

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