Mind-Body Wellness – Healing From the Inside Out

Mind-Body Wellness – Healing From the Inside Out

What is Mind-Body Wellness and how can you achieve it if that is what you really want?

Basically, developing mind-body wellness requires a certain level of knowledge and understanding combined with skills that develop through the practice of ongoing mindfulness, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

Mind-Body Wellness requires knowledge and understanding of how:

o Your mind affects your body o Your body affects your mind o Your brain receives processes and interprets information o Your senses respond to stimulation o Your body and mind function and heal

Mind-body wellness also requires these specific skills and practices:

o ongoing self-reflection

o Honest and open communication with yourself

o authentic dialogue with others

o Paying attention to and responding to feedback from others

o Honoring the wisdom of your own body, emotions and thoughts

o Willingness to learn and accept change

Mind-Body Wellness involves living a highly moral life through creating a lifestyle that values ​​and reflects the highest virtues of human nature. Mind-Body Wellness promotes love, compassion, appreciation and acceptance of self and other people, different environments and all life forms.

The primary relationship we all have is the relationship you have with your own mind, body and spirit. Honor, accept and heal your primary relationship with yourself and everything else is a piece of cake. If creating wellness for your mind and body seems like an unattainable goal and a huge, impossible, time-consuming task to you, it probably is. But just in case you have a thought that you’d like to learn more about, remember:

Every great accomplishment begins with a thought, a belief, an idea, and an intention. The process takes steps—some small steps and some big leaps of faith.

If you really have a desire to create mind-body wellness in your life, when do you plan to start? Start now! Reflect on the understanding and communication that you currently have or don’t have with your mind, body and spirit. Start now! Reflect on yourself and seek advice, mentoring, advice or coaching from someone further down the path of wellbeing, someone you believe is living a healthier and more balanced life.

this is your body That’s your life. How do you choose to feel and live?

Thanks to Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.


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