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Mold Allergies Symptoms And Prevention Tips

Mold Allergies Symptoms And Prevention Tips

  • June 20, 2019

Damp places are usually thrived with the little things seen only by microscope, known as mold spores. Still, no matter of the small size of mold spores, they may be very dangerous for the people who are allergic on them or even deadly.
Airborne allergens are the most causes of the allergies. It’s not only that mold spores may be found on the walls and surfaces, but also they may spread in the air. People who are allergic on the mold may much easier breath mold spores, than people who are not allergic on the same.

For majority of the people, pollen is the most cause of the allergy, but research shows that mold allergies are the most common. It is because pollen allergies are more seasonal such as ragweed during the fall, cedar fever in winter, grass and certain flowers in spring. But, when it is about mold allergy, it is little bit different. There aren’t season on which mold spores will affect allergy at you. Mold may affect on you in the night, while pollens may affect during the day, while the sunlight dries the pollen and wind spread it in the air. Still, when it is about mold, you probably know that it doesn’t tolerate sunlight, so same with that goes off during the night. Process of spreading mold is known as sporulation, which is different from pollen’s pollination.

The period from two a.m. is the best period for occurring of the mold. It is because in this period, spores are go out of your air condition and spread in the house. There are few phases of the spreading, or better said affecting mold’s spores on your body. The first phase is swelling in the mucus membrane. Second is followed with the release of the adrenaline, which is also known as emergency allergy hormone.

For controlling of your allergy reaction to molds, there are also more methods and steps that you should to follow. So, the first step is to recognize the triggers of mold. It is because, once that you do this, you will know how and when to avoid them. Also, it is very good if you could to do blood testing. This is very good solution for seeing, are you allergic on a mold. Still, the main problem with this analyze is because, there are various mutants of molds, so it is little bit difficult to do testing of each type of the mold. The best place for mold is damp places, but also and place of your air condition is also good for supporting of them.

Still, bellow you may read list of the places where mold spores are spreading:

• Leaks places and damp areas
• Carpets, beds, dust, etc
• Air condition systems
• Poor filters, etc

It is interesting to mention that your car, are also very good location for thriving of the mold. There are researches which show that people who are suffering form the mold, usually are suffering form the mold thrived in their car. Usually it is because of attributed leaky on windows or on doors.

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