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Monday blues?  Life Coach shows 7 ways to turn negative into positive

Monday blues? Life Coach shows 7 ways to turn negative into positive

  • October 30, 2021

Monday blues? If you’re feeling particularly down in the dumps, Life Coach Lewis Raymond-Taylor reveals 7 ways you can spin yours Negative into positive

The phrase “it’s okay not to be okay” has gained popularity and momentum in recent years.

While this term can definitely be empowering in some ways, it can also be quite damaging on some levels.

Of course, things happen in your life that make you feel bad, but that’s not okay stay there.

We need to focus on turning these negative thought patterns into positive ones

When this term is used, people often see it as an excuse to give up responsibility instead of acknowledging that they may be feeling down today, but “what can I do to change that?”

There’s a fine balance between respecting your emotions, understanding your humanism, and allowing yourself to experience a natural range of emotions based on things that make you uncomfortable.

Although everyone will suffer from negative thoughts at some point in their life, we need to focus on turning those negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Here are my top tips for turning negatives into positives:

# 1 Grab a pen and start writing

One of the most effective ways to deal with negative thoughts and emotions is to write them down.

Writing down your negative thoughts and seeing them displayed in front of you can help rationalize your thoughts and feelings, which will make it easier for you to get past them, find a solution, and effectively process what’s going on in your head.

You can also use this technique to formulate a positive plan that focuses on what can be done to make you feel better.

Turning this into a checklist and ticking off each item can make you feel more positive and in control.

Life Coach shows 7 ways to turn negative into positive

# 2 Prioritize self-care

Another way to turn negative thoughts into positive ones is to make self-care a priority.

General lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms of many mental health problems and reduce negative thoughts.

When you suffer from negative self-talk, it can be easy to find excuses to avoid regular exercise, good food, or even socializing.

Find a way to deal with these thoughts before they start spinning

However, taking the time to focus on ourselves is extremely important and will not only help us recover from periods of mental illness, but will also help us to maintain good mental health in the future.

When you slip into a negative thought pattern, one trick is to identify the negative thought pattern and find a way to deal with those thoughts before they get out of hand.

Every time you focus on the negative, focus your mind on your exciting project for five minutes.

# 3 Create a routine

Developing a successful routine is also an effective way to mitigate these negative thoughts.

Setting a few important goals for yourself in the morning will give you the momentum and motivation to achieve your goals and help you achieve your dreams and goals.

If you know what you want and work on it every day, the general negativity is likely to fade away.

Life Coach shows 7 ways how to turn negatives into positives to create a routine

# 4 Wonder what you would say to a friend

We tend to find it easier to be kinder to others than to ourselves. When struggling with negative thoughts or feelings, ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend in the same situation.

This will help you streamline your thoughts and listen to your inner voice which can help you feel and be more positive.

# 5 Stand up straight

The mind and body have an intrinsic connection, and without realizing it, your body language can provide insight into how you are feeling and vice versa.

your body language can give you an idea of ​​how you are feeling

If you are having trouble moving your mind into a more positive perspective, try moving your body there first. Try to stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back, your chin up, and your arms extended as far as possible.

Feeling powerful and positive can help your mind do the same.

Life Coach Reveals 7 Ways To Turn Negative Into Positive

# 6 Do something for someone else

Feeling that you are contributing or serving others has been shown to give people a longer lasting surge of dopamine than doing something for themselves and can undoubtedly help you feel more positive.

Your mind is a powerful tool, so visualize the best-case scenario

If you are looking for real change, consider a career or course in coaching and use your previous experiences, negative or not, to help and empower others.

For more information, visit The coaching masters plan, an in-depth online resource that can help anyone train themselves to be a coach and develop a unique niche that draws on their life experiences and knowledge to offer effective and personable coaching that can help change the lives of others .

# 7 Visualize the best case scenario

Visualizing the future you want is a powerful way to not just look forward to it, but actually make it a reality.

When you set an intention, you start making all kinds of micro-decisions in order to move towards it. Your mind is a powerful tool so visualize the best scenario and do whatever you can to make it a reality.

lewis raymond taylor

Lewis Raymond-Taylor, Life coach and co-founder of The coaching masters, an interactive online education platform and community that gives you the tools you need to change your life, become successful, and help others in the process.

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