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New Mental Health Laws in Ohio

New Mental Health Laws in Ohio

  • October 19, 2021
Cuyahoga County Jail

Ohio recently passed new laws to make mental health care more accessible. One such bill comes from Senate 2 Bill. This new Ohio mental health bill focuses on getting low-level criminal and non-violent treatment when needed. Qualified offenders receive a court-ordered psychological examination in an outpatient setting. One of the goals with the passage of this new mental health law in Ohio is to clear state mental hospitals so that these facilities are reserved for the treatment of people with more serious mental disorders.

The new law also included Ohio in the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT), an intergovernmental agreement to facilitate psychological services across jurisdictions. This agreement would help improve access to care for everyone crossing state lines.

Another new law of conduct in Ohio comes from Senate Act No. 57. That bill now allows property tax exemptions for providers of long-term supportive housing for people with intellectual disabilities or addictions. Legislators hope this bill will help the state’s goal of ending homelessness, especially for those struggling with behavior-related health problems.

Cuyahoga County on Ohio’s new mental health laws

Cuyahoga County, the home of Cleveland, has already started taking action to respond to these new Ohio mental health guidelines. The county recently opened the Cuyahoga County Diversion Center to help people struggling with behavioral problems who would otherwise end up in jail without care.

The police in Cuyahoga County can now use this facility to treat people immediately instead of putting them behind bars. When the police are called to a crime scene, they can contact a 24-hour hotline to help determine if anyone could benefit from the program and then transport those who qualify to the facility. The volunteer patients will typically spend a few days at the facility before being referred to higher-level psychiatric care in Cuyahoga County if needed. The county hopes this new resource and approach will break the cycle of incarceration and seek to be a model for other parts of the state.

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