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Review – BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool

Review – BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool

  • November 1, 2021

I attended a virtual event from BIOHM Health. They hosted the event to discuss the launch of their bowel assessment tool.

Who is BIOHM Health?

First, let me give you some background information about who the company is and what exactly it does.

Dr. Ghannoum founded BIOHM health after his groundbreaking discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungi work together to create a digestive imbalance. Dr. Ghannoum realized that today’s probiotics were not specifically designed to address the role of mushrooms in digestive health.

BIOHM is the first company for the entire microbiome with one simple goal, namely to develop elegant products and services that address the entire microbiome of bacteria and fungi. This gives consumers the ability to keep the total amount Digestive System Health.

Why is digestive health important?

The digestive system plays a vital role in your overall health and wellbeing. It brings nutrients to your body. Corresponding NCBI, the intestine is one of the most important systems for fighting diseases in the human body. First, acids and enzymes in the stomach sterilize our food, protecting the body from disease and infection. In addition, the digestive tract is an important source of immune function in the body.

What are the benefits of having a healthy bowel?

  • Promotes strong immune system
  • Improving heart health
  • Promotes brain health
  • Improved mood
  • Improve your sleep
  • Improve your digestion
  • Help prevent some types of cancer
  • Prevent autoimmune diseases

How can the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool improve your overall digestive health?

  • The survey consists of a few questions.
  • It takes about two minutes to complete the survey.
  • Once they have answered the questions, they will gain insight into the likelihood of an imbalance in their gut.
  • This is known as the associated Gut Score ™
  • The test will be able to determine if they are more likely to have higher concentrations of. to have candidate compared to levels normally found in the intestines.

Consumers can register Good quiz to answer a short series of questions about demographics, health, lifestyle, and diet. is the natural evolution of BIOHM Health by turning large microbiome data and metadata into actionable insights that everyday consumers can use for free to better understand their gut health.

Digestive System Health

What happens after you have completed the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool?

After completing the survey, the participant will be told whether they are statistically more likely to have an unbalanced microbiome and / or higher levels of Candida in the gut, as well as a gut score range.

The participants also receive nutritional recommendations for implementation as part of a holistic approach to optimizing intestinal health.

This survey will determine if your bowels are balanced or unbalanced. When you have a balanced bowel and some health issues, simple lifestyle changes and some diet changes may be all you need.

BIOHM health offers The intestinal construction plan as an easy way to carefully adjust your diet and turn your daily foods into gut-friendly meals. They will offer you this after taking the short survey.

In this blueprint you will get:

  • Shopping list with 90 gut-friendly ingredients.
  • A dozen gut-centered recipes (meals, snacks, and beverages) created by their microbiome-trained, registered nutritionists.

While certain brands of dietary supplements are not included as part of the dietary recommendations, BIOHM Health was the first to develop probiotics that have been shown to break down digestive biofilm and are designed to balance both the bacteria and fungi in the gut.

What does BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool UNIQUE?

Unique to other online health quizzes that simply apply generally available research, BIOHM Health’s Gut Assessment provides consumers with insights based on the analysis of millions of proprietary data points that combine microbiome data with clinical data, including:

  • diet
  • a practice
  • Emphasize
  • Lifestyle information

The algorithms were created using the data from the BIOHM microbiome test for the home, the BIOHM Gut test, which rates both the bacteria and fungi of a person’s microbiome with additional clinical and lifestyle data.

By analyzing the millions of collected DNA data points of the microbiome through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, BIOHM’s data science team has identified a proprietary list of statistically significant features associated with intestinal imbalance and candidate Overgrowth.

What does the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool What is unique is that the solutions are derived from real-world clinical data and advanced data science, not from some random scientific work.

What do I think of the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool?

The survey at was short and easy to take. It was informative and it gave me a better understanding of my gut health. The Gut Blueprint ™ helped me identify which foods I was missing from my diet. It helped me develop a healthier diet.

I strongly recommend taking it opinion poll and visit their website at Biohm health

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