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Social Wellness is Making the Elderly Lead a Healthy, Peaceful and Long Life

Social Wellness is Making the Elderly Lead a Healthy, Peaceful and Long Life

  • June 3, 2022

Social wellbeing is one of the eight dimensions of wellbeing, which also consist of physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, professional, financial, and spiritual aspects. All of these dimensions are very important to our overall health and well-being; Nevertheless, social wellness offers a wide range of benefits, especially for older people.

Social wellbeing is closely related to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. It consists of building supportive, healthy and nurturing relationships and connecting with those around you. Staying socially active is vital for people of all ages as it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining good relationships, especially as we age, has a significant impact on all other dimensions of well-being. In fact, an older person engaged in social interactions might be able to live even longer.

Health benefits of being social in society

· Reducing the possibility of infecting diseases. Socially active older people have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and even some types of cancer.

· Declining signs of depression. Isolation is one of the main causes of depression in older people; Therefore, those who maintain relationships and continue to form new ones have a low risk of suffering from depression.

· Strengthening of the immune system. The immune system is likely to be stronger in socially active seniors; Many studies have shown that isolated seniors had high protein levels associated with inflammation and a weak immune system.

· improving heart health. Lonely older people are likely to have higher blood pressure, and several studies show that a lack of social connections can lead to a higher risk of heart disease.

· More life expectancy. In general, older people who remain socially active are in good health and live longer than those who are lonely.

Social wellness is a top priority in today’s retirement homes. The destitute elderly living here can find various activities and events to engage with others and keep their minds and bodies active. Being social is important to living a stress free life as we cannot deny the fact that listening to the suffering of others or talking about our pain makes us feel lighter, less stressed and more at peace.

Retirement homes are run by significant contributions from individuals like you and businesses. You can do it Donate and offer help to the elderly and make their lives worth living.

You are also welcome to celebrate special occasions with the elders who live in these homes and spread the joy and love they desire. This can be done by contacting the caretaker of the retirement home.

Thanks to Kanan James

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