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4 Things That Affect Your Health and Fitness

Staying healthy seems to be a challenge for women of this age. That's because there's a lot of confusion about what's safe to eat and what's not. This confusion comes from too many health and fitness options. In addition, a stressful and extremely busy lifestyle makes it difficult for women to take care of their health and fitness. Below are 4...

Ringworm Can Affect Anyone – Here’s Home Remedies

Ringworm doesn't really care who it affects - you, your dogs, or your cats. And since it spreads easily, you can treat it if you have kids at school.It's not actually a worm. It is a fungal infection of the skin that usually presents in humans as raised red patches with defined borders...looking like a worm curled up under the skin. It...

How Retirement Can Affect Your Health

Retirement is like any other change in your's best to think of it as a process, not a single event.Like any other major change in your life, e.g. Whether it's the beginning of your teenage years or the start of your professional career, retirement brings positive and negative changes.While much research has been done on...