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Quick Review of the Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

It's the ultimate fitness mantra of many celebs. People swear by its benefits. So what's the hype about? The alkaline diet, also known as the acid-ash diet, is known as a natural diet. It can promote weight loss, and some claim the diet can even prevent cancer. It works? Below are some of the aspects you need to know.The dos...

10 Ways to Make Your Diet More Alkaline for Better Health

Eating an alkaline diet is one of the simplest and most practical things you can do to stay healthy and prevent disease. Proponents of an alkaline diet cannot overstate its importance. She believes the overarching principle of alkaline nutrition is that the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in alkaline-forming foods, supplements, and water can...

Can Alkaline Water and a Alkaline Diet Reduce Fatigue and Pain?

Can alkaline water and an alkaline diet reduce fatigue and pain? Did you know that poor diet can contribute to your fatigue, decreased endurance and aches and pains? It is common for the diet of people in Australia to contain high levels of sugar and processed foods. Their lifestyle has become stressful and they tend to be less active....