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Best Alternatives To Teflon Pans

Many types of pans are used for cooking around the world. Each pan type has different advantages and disadvantages. Some pans are non-stick, ceramic pans, stainless steel pans, cast iron pans, etc. Teflon pans are the common non-stick pans that are covered with a layer of teflon that gives it the non-stick ability. The black-coa...

Healthy Sugar Alternatives For Guilt Free Desserts

If you're concerned about your health at all, then you probably know that sugar might just be the worst thing you can eat. But if you have a sweet tooth, it can be difficult to give up these comforting desserts. Luckily, there are some healthy sugar alternatives you can use to make your own guilt-free desserts that actually help, rather than h...

Raw and Healthy Foods Can Be Alternatives to Your Pet’s Diet

Today's pet food manufacturers make it a priority that their pet food contains 100% nutritious ingredients for dogs and cats. Nonetheless, current pet diets are based entirely on human food by-products and waste. Luckily, some pet food companies are up to the challenge and offer healthy, organic pet food. Despite this, some pet owners choose...