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Worksite Wellness – Stressed Out? 6 Tips To Reduce Work-Life Stress And Improve Your Health

Just turn on the news and you'll hear about the latest company downsizing, resizing, slowdowns, restructuring, economic downturns or, as the financial advisors say, the economic winter. What about you? All this bad news and at work you are burnt out, mentally and physically exhausted. Have you wondered - "at what price?" As your responsibilitie...

The Best Places to Visit in Costa Brava for Wellness Travel

The Costa Brava is located in northeastern Spain at the foothills of the Pyrenees. The coastline runs from Portbou to Blanes and stretches over 200 kilometers. You can rent a car to travel and explore the region. If you visit the Costa Brava for a wellness trip, you will surely look for luxury spas where you can get massages. A luxury spa on...

Digital And Wellness In The 21st Century

The Internet was an invention that brought a wave of change to people's lives. It created a new dimension in which people could spend their time and give themselves a different identity. The need to be present online has further increased the time spent in the web world. The concept of digital wellbeing is slowly catching on for...

What Are the Most Important Elements of Wellness?

introductionThe most important elements of well-being are reason, exuberance, sportiness and freedom. The acronym for these four dimensions is REAL. REAL Wellness avoids the confusion that often arises when wellness is sent out into the world for protection without a bit of specificity. The term wellness has been circu...

GIA Wellness Review – Is GIA Wellness the Real Deal?

GIA Wellness is the next MLM Home Based Business to join the Network Marketing market. With Alfred Hanser, CEO, Lynda Cormier, President, and Gary Merritt, VP of Operations leading the business, they have a strong team at their disposal to get them off the ground. As they have a small background in some other entrepreneurial ventures their min...

Essence of Wellness

Aravind ShiyaramanIn the article Why Fitness Is the Essence of Overall Wellness, author Aravind Shiyaraman first talks about what real fitness is. He notes that achieving fitness is actually not that difficult. And you can't judge a person's fitness by looking at someone. Someone who looks fit on the outside can be very unfit on the in...

Mind-Body Wellness – Healing From the Inside Out

What is Mind-Body Wellness and how can you achieve it if that is what you really want?Basically, developing mind-body wellness requires a certain level of knowledge and understanding combined with skills that develop through the practice of ongoing mindfulness, mindfulness, and self-reflection.Mind-Body Wellness requ...

Why Should You Go to a Wellness Center?

A wellness center or clinic is a facility or building primarily dedicated to promoting a very healthy life as well as preventing illness and disease. These centers are essentially owned or operated by a number of physicians who are highly experienced and practice a wide range of medicine. There is also no obligation for employed doctors to ope...