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Tips to Build Muscles and Good Health

Trying to build muscle through overeating without proper nutrition plan and proper exercises is not the answer as it can lead to unintended consequences like belly fat formation and health problems like cholesterol build-up, diabetes and other related diseases. This is especially true for people who lead fast-paced lifestyles and need to eat on-th...

Build Fast Muscle With the Sandbag Workout

If you're interested in building strength, muscle, and raw power fast but aren't willing to shell out tons of money for a gym membership or expensive Olympic weights for a home gym, consider sandbag training. Sandbags — the things that builders use to shore up fences and coastal towns to prevent flooding during hurricane season — are cheap to...

Weight Gain Diet – Diet Tips to Build Muscle

If you want to build muscle, you need to train right AND eat right. In this article, you'll learn three key strategies for your weight gain diet that will help you build all the muscle you want.First, let's look at calorie intake. How Many Calories Should You Eat If You Want to Build Muscle?Next we will take a look at protein. I...