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What Is a Dash Diet?

DASH stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. The DASH diet has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure within 2 weeks in people who follow the diet. Not only is it known to control blood pressure, it was designed to do so programs for weight losshelps prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer...

Why Keto Diet Is Bad Long Term

To understand why the ketogenic diet is bad for the long term, you need to understand how the ketogenic diet works in the first place. A keto diet is a diet that is very low in carbohydrates, which are one of the main sources of energy for the body. During digestion, the body breaks down carbohydrate-rich foods and produces glucose, which serves...

Include Cashews In Your Diet To Get The Following Health Benefits

It's no secret that small cashew nuts are loved by everyone. Its salty and sweet flavor tickles everyone's taste buds. They are also overloaded with essential nutrients, which are the important needs of the body. The powerful nutrients it contains support heart health, normal brain function, digestion and more. Again, the question arises as...

Photosynthetic Nutrition For Health and Life

Living organisms are constantly undergoing chemical reactions that result in energy changes in their bodies. All of these reactions and changes are called metabolism. Metabolism essentially consists of two processes, the synthesis or construction of complex body substances from simpler components and energy and the breakdown or breakdown of th...

Best Diet For Healthy Weight Loss And Burn Fat Fast

Various quick weight loss tips and studies show that nearly 70 percent of the world's population is either morbidly overweight or obese. There is a lot of hype around weight loss and effective fat burning ways to lose weight fast today.It's no wonder that more and more people who are struggling to find the best diet to lo...

The Essence of Nutritional Health

It is a fact that the basics of healthy eating are well documented in academic textbooks, scientific journals and government literature. However, this basic knowledge has not yet been conveyed to the general public in an understandable and comprehensive format that would enable individuals to make informed decisions to change their eating habit...

Healthy Diet For Healthy Lifestyle

Some people tend to make mistakes when trying to lose weight. They get confused between eating healthy and balanced, resulting in them either not meeting their nutritional plan or becoming malnourished. You can lose weight if you have the right guidance and follow a proper diet. You won't be confused once you know what to eat and what to avoi...