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The Tony Robbins Diet

The Tony Robbins Diet

  • June 11, 2022

Find out why the Tony Robbins Diet is great for vibrant health

The Tony Robbins Alkaline Diet was developed by Tony Robbins, who was born Anthony J. Mahavorick. His diet follows the work of Robert O. Young. They both believe that the body contains too little acid through a normal diet and that people are fat as a result. So the new diet encourages people to eat more vegetables, but it is a vegetarian diet. He also believes people need to drink alkaline water. He also believes that people need exercise to learn proper breathing and increase the body’s oxygen uptake. While weight loss occurs on this diet, the point of this diet is to increase energy. He emphasizes that those who practice this diet envision success in their future.

Tony Robin’s story

Tony Robbins first began his career as he describes it, as a top performance coach who taught that happiness is how we live, not what we have. He then worked with John Grinder and taught neuro-linguistic programming. This program teaches breathing and not the combination of carbohydrate and protein foods. This program teaches self-confidence and effective communication. Mr. Robbins is the author of two books, Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement and Awaken the Giant Within. He claims to have worked with many notable figures including Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and Bill Clinton.

to avoid foods

Those who practice this diet are encouraged to avoid certain foods. Scientists know that high levels of uric acid in the body have many unhealthy effects on the body. The most serious of these is gout. People with low energy also need to review their diet.

Foods that must be avoided are eggs. All meat should be avoided. All seafood should be avoided. Yeast is another culprit. Yeast can hide in both alcohol and bread. Those who opt for a low-acid diet should also not eat lentils. You should limit the amount of caffeine intake. All processed foods should be avoided.

components of the diet

The first component of the diet is to eat only vegetables and fruits. Especially those who are on a diet should eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Eating this diet encourages regular bowel movements, which allows the body to detoxify itself.

The second component of the program is exercise at least four times a week. It also lowers cholesterol and burns fat. Mr. Robbins encourages those on his diet to take part in organized sports for fun. He believes that aerobic exercise is the best form of exercise. He believes that sweating releases toxins and that exercise encourages our bodies to produce the right amount of acid.

The third component of his diet is drinking alkaline water. This is water with lemon or lime in it. He believes those on his diet should drink at least three liters of water a day.

The fourth component of his diet involves goal setting. He believes that by setting goals we are more positive people with more energy.


Tony Robbins’ alkaline diet is based on creating the right amount of acid in our bodies. He advocates eating only vegetables and fruit while drinking alkaline water. He believes in doing aerobic exercise at least four times a week, preferably in a group. He believes people need to set positive goals.

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