To Stay Healthy, What SuperFoods Should You Eat?

To Stay Healthy, What SuperFoods Should You Eat?

Why would anyone eat superfoods to stay healthy, what foods are they and why are they called superfoods?

With superfoods, you get unusually large amounts of nutrients with relatively fewer calories per nutrient. For example, buffalo provides twice as much protein in one calorie as lean steak. This allows you to pack more nutrients into your calorie limit for each meal – which goes a long way towards staying healthy.

There are basically three categories of superfoods that make it easier to stay healthy:

o Super nutrient dense foods

o Unusual particularly healthy foods that should always be consumed often

o Dietary supplements that must be taken to stay healthy. (as opposed to the dietary supplements used to overcome a disease)

Nutrient-dense superfoods to stay healthy include:

Oh quinoa

o Goji berry

Oh spirulina

o hemp protein

o Agave syrup

Oh Stevia

o wheatgrass

o Acai berry

Common foods that are particularly high in great nutrients for staying healthy include:

Oh walnuts

o bison – buffalo

oh pumpkin

o oatmeal

Oh spinach

o Beans and legumes

Oh blueberries

Oh broccoli

o wild salmon

Oh tomato

o Skinless turkey breast

Supplements to consider to stay healthy should include:

o Co-enzyme Q 10

o creatine

o Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

o bee pollen

o whey protein

o Omega-3 fatty acids

o Freshly ground flaxseed

Here’s a super powder high-level list of 17 supplements that will practically make you bulletproof!

Cognition, memory, consciousness and brain power

o Blueberry Extract with Pomegranate – Enhances the absorption of blueberries that fight free radicals.

o Dmae/Ginko

o Vinpocetone Improves oxygen uptake

o Ashwagandha studies show that this destroys amyloid beta plaques in the brain, which are a causative factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

o Benfotiamine Fat-soluble to easily enter our cells to normalize blood sugar, block blood vessel damage and inflammatory conditions caused by glycation.

Fat burning and blood health

o Omega 3s-EPA/DHA – This helps the liver’s mitochondria to properly burn fatty acids to prevent dangerous levels of triglycerides from building up in the blood – which helps prevent arterial blockage.

o Green tea extract is 25 to 100 times more potent than vitamins C or E. There is no need to drink more than 18 cups of green tea per day.

o Chromium keeps blood sugar levels regulated and helps prevent insulin resistance.


o melatonin

o Tryptophan

liver health

o silibinin

o Silymarin

muscle building

o branched-chain amino acids

o Carnosine decreases with age (like so many things), contributing to the decline in muscle mass and function, as well as the cross-linking of proteins and sugars that form non-functioning structures in our bodies.

o creatine

Additional supplements

o Selenium plays an important role in DNA repair and heavy metal detoxification. With high doses of vitamin C, you can actually reduce your intake of selenium.

o Grape seed extract with resveratrol is the key component of: French Paradox”.

Four great foods that are available year-round and eaten raw are:

oh avocados

o Dried fruits

oh lemons

oh oranges

Remember that our pancreas produces about half of our healing and digestive enzymes that our body needs to stay healthy. The other half has to come from what we eat. Since cooking and heating food always destroys all of its enzymes, to stay healthy we need to eat raw nuts, fruits and vegetables for a portion of our meals to ensure we are getting enough enzymes.

In many ways, raw food could even be called a superfood. Of course, to stay healthy, it’s also wise to consider taking some enzyme supplements from plant sources. Because of the nutritional power of raw food, we should all strive to eat about 1/3 raw every day just to stay healthy.

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