Towards Academic Excellence

Towards Academic Excellence

Struggling for academic excellence or wondering why you just can’t be smart enough? Academic excellence is available to all who understand and adhere to certain core principles. Your academic performance should change if you apply the following simple guidelines:

1) Be in a place of knowledge: This means you need to join a school or place that will teach you what you want to excel at.
2) Focus and pay attention: don’t go to school physically and allow yourself to be mentally absent. Academic excellence is best achieved by paying attention in class as this improves your ability to remember the lessons you have been taught. Don’t get distracted in class.
3) Review: Revise or repeat the lesson you were taught. Repetition, like repetition, allows you to remember and master the lessons learned. You cannot achieve academic excellence without the habit of repetition.
4) Eat Well: It’s hard to focus well when you’re hungry. It’s also difficult to concentrate when you’re too full as it makes you tired. Eat moderately.
5) Rest and sleep well: You need to rest your body and your mind. You will only hear the lesson with your physical ears, but you will not understand it if you are mentally and physically tired. Take time to rest your mind and body with adequate sleep.
6) Avoid High Temperatures: My personal experience is that direct exposure to high temperatures usually causes my mind to become dull or inactive. If you’re studying in a cool environment like me, avoid high temperatures.
7) Obtain Necessary, Relevant Study Materials: Relevant materials are vital to your pursuit of academic excellence. Much has been written on various topics, but not everything is relevant today. Most of it quickly becomes obsolete and irrelevant as more breakthroughs are made. Because of this, training is essential for employees to get refreshed and up-to-date on “what’s new”.
8) Right Company: The friendships you choose will either motivate you towards academic excellence or discourage you from doing so. Choose friends who motivate you to study. Choose friends to help you pull your socks up in the subjects you’re not doing well in. Academic excellence cannot be achieved by befriending those who do not value education.
9) Create your environment: Loud backgrounds distract some people from reading, while for others it’s just the perfect environment for reading and studying. Discover what works for you in your quest for academic excellence and make it happen.
10) Train the mind to remember: It’s so easy to become overly dependent on modern technology until you stop training, stretching, and building your mind to remembering even the smallest details. Try to do several math calculations in your mind and avoid using the calculator to train and develop your mind towards alertness and acumen.

All the best in your pursuit of academic excellence.

Thanks to Julius Blest


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