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Weight Lifting Belts. What Are They?

Weight Lifting Belts. What Are They?

  • April 8, 2021

The weight lifting belts was first introduced in Olympic power lifting. Weight lifting belts has two main uses in power lifting. The first purpose, it diminish the lower back stress while lifting in an upright position and also prevent back hypertension during lifting the weight above head. Belts also help to diminish low back stress by compressing the content of the abdominal cavity.

Belts are used to reduce intra abdominal pressure as it gives pressure in front of the bones of the lower back. Weight lifting belts also reduce the spinal shrinkage occurs while lifting weights and also avert the twisting and bending on the lower back.

It is always suggested to wear the belt tightly during lifting weights. Usually, the belt is normally used in two situations, while doing lifts, such as the deadlift or squat when back support is necessary for the lifter.

Weight lifting belts are very rigid and normally made from leather material, however it is also made of nylon because of the durability.

It is always suggested to maintain the safeties during weight lifting thus beginners are recommended to do all the exercises slowly according to the instructions provided by the coach or instructor. Beginners in the field of weight lifting should develop the strength first before doing any heavy workout otherwise it will lead to serious injury.

A sudden start to heavy weight lifting can lead to muscle soreness. Before the workout you should warm up for 15 to 20 minutes, so that you bring your body temperature your muscles. Do take the help of a spotter to avoid jerks in the muscle while lifting weight which is considered to be safer while lifting.

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