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Why Keeping the Momentum of Life Coaching Is Important

Why Keeping the Momentum of Life Coaching Is Important

  • June 3, 2022

Many clients beginning life coaching Start skipping the weekly sessions after the first few sessions. Therefore, they interrupt the dynamic of the coaching process with excuses of other priorities. Why is it important to self-discipline to maintain the momentum of coaching?

For three reasons.

The first reason is

that the use-it-or-lose-it principle applies applies here as everywhere in life. The coaching process is like the process of becoming physically fit. If you train twice a week, you’ll feel better after just the first two training sessions. With regularity – ie momentum – your muscles will begin to tighten and your endorphins will surely rise. It will make you feel better, which will make you want to exercise more. If you start skipping training soon after starting, your muscles will quickly weaken.

The life coaching process is mental training. It will empower you in every other aspect of life – knowing yourself, your goals, values, purpose, vision, mission…everything. If after the first few sessions you break the regularity of physical training, your body will not have the time and opportunity to achieve the positive effects. The same applies to the life coaching process.

The second reason is

train yourself to be disciplined. Discipline is critical to success in every aspect of life. If we want to look and feel good, we must discipline ourselves to eat well, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Likewise, if we want money, we must discipline ourselves to earn it and save it. If we want to have toned bodies, we must discipline ourselves to train them regularly. So if we want to improve our quality, we have to discipline ourselves to work through the coaching process.

The coaching process also holds us accountable for striving to make the most of it. Tasks, goal charts, requests are all good examples and can only help us grow if we have a clearly defined time frame to complete the responsibilities. A clear timeline conveys a sense of urgency. Urgency gets us moving. If you know you have a week to complete a task, do it in the week. If you know you don’t have a time limit, you’ll never complete it.

The third reason is

this dynamic in life coaching will also keep you motivated because you will see more positive results. When you break momentum, you break your motivation, your progress, and your results. A knot on a thread holds the threat together, but will never make the thread as strong as it was before it was snapped and tied by the knot.

Finally, if you have been searching for life advice and this article or anything else on this site has convinced you, let’s have a conversation.

Thanks to Lucy SC

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