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About “Greater Accra Regional Hospital’s (GARH)”

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital’s (GARH) core mandate is the delivery of curative, health promotion and preventive services in the region and sub region. Its services range in complexity from secondary to tertiary level care. The GARH also serves as a practical attachment site for numerous schools including the Accra College of Medicine. It is thus committed to creation of an enabling environment in which education and research in the health science and allied areas thrive.

In the discharge of its mandate, the hospital aspires to meet the highest possible standards and levels of efficiency, effectiveness and quality in all its endeavours. It is also driven by excellence, continuous improvement and innovation. Its services are made available equitably on the basis of need. Finally, the hospital is fully accountable to patients and other stakeholders with respect to performance over the entire range of its mandate.

Management is grateful to the Greater Accra Regional Health Directorate, especially to the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. (Mrs.) Charity Sarpong for her immense contribution and motherly support to the staff and the hospital in terms of provision of material and human resources.

Management is also grateful to the pleasant and dedicated staff of the Hospital for their dedication in the provision of quality of health care services to the hospital’s cherished clients.