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5 Effects of Black Friday on Health

Black Friday shopping seems to keep getting crazier each year. While we may know that shopping on the day after Thanksgiving may not actually save us that much money due to impulse buying, we might not realize that it can actually have a negative impact on our health. The following are five ways black Friday shopping can affect your health....

Health Job Descriptions

Doctors and nurses regardless of their specialties are in the business of saving lives. Each one of them has a responsibility to the patients and to give you a better understanding of some of these positions, here are a few health job descriptions. If you see a doctor, the first person that will greet you at the office is a . Their job is to make...

Cataract: Leading Cause of Blindness in Ghana

Dr. Samuel Kaba Akoriyea, the Director of Institutional Care Division of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has revealed that over three hundred thousand (300,000) Ghanaians risk losing their sight. He said this figure is entirely different from the 200,000 that have already gone totally blind in Ghana. Speaking at the official launc...