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What Pediatric Disorders Can Physiotherapy Help With?

It is a sad day when one has to deal with pediatric disorders in the family. Most people believe that children should never suffer from physical problems. Yet, the reality must be faced that pediatric disorders can happen. The good news is that physiotherapy offers some help for them. Unfortunately, there are numerous pediatric disorders. To name...

Starting Physiotherapy Early In Down Syndrome. Is It Necessary?

There is a great need for immediate intervention for children with Down syndrome. Physiotherapy does not fix the problem; development will still be slowed. However, it can address problems that are unique to Down syndrome children. Early Down syndrome physiotherapy focuses on four problems that are common for these children. One is called hypotoni...

After Physiotherapy, What Next?

Physiotherapy can be a long, hard road. It takes willpower and endurance to keep at it. The mere act of keeping appointments can be grueling at times. One may feel like celebrating when it is all over; but what comes after physiotherapy? The physiotherapist will leave you with words of advice to follow after your physiology is over. One important...